Meet Racelle

I’m Racelle Kooy and I’m the Green Party candidate for Victoria. I was born and raised in British Columbia by my Dutch immigrant father and my Secwepemc- St’atl’imc mother. My parents instilled in me a deep commitment to building and supporting community through service. I’ve dedicated my career to this pursuit and it’s why I am running to be Victoria’s Green MP.

About Me

Why Green?

I chose the Green Party because it’s the only party where I saw any vision beyond a single electoral cycle. I’m not in this for politics. I’m here because I care. I will work to uphold the values we share: sustainability, social justice, participatory democracy, respect for diversity, non-violence, and ecological wisdom. We don’t have time to hold ourselves back in pursuing these priorities.

Fighting for our future

In the face of the climate crisis, of addiction, of a lack of affordable housing and decent paying jobs, we’re not going to give up on our future. We’re not going to give up on our children. We’re not going to give up on our ecosystems. There are no trade-offs. None of these things are a question mark that we can abandon in pursuit of another. We’re going to stand for all of them, because it’s what is right and it’s what we need to do.

Together we bring about change

A democracy works when everyone can participate in the decisions that affect their lives. My job as your member of parliament is not to lead the charge but to represent this community. I believe that we make the world a better place when our diverse views, our richness of cultural diversity and history, and our ancestral wisdom is woven into the fabric of decision-making. I will take our community’s priorities to the House of Commons and stand up for a better, more just world for all of us.

Focus on integrity and respect

When we fight amongst ourselves, it lightens the load on any government. When we’re too caught up in divisions, we fail to move our shared mandates forward. Green MPs commit to doing what’s right and conducting ourselves with respect. We strive to find common ground with other parties, working with them to put the interests of our constituents and our country above party lines. 

We deal in positive change


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